I have recently qualified in another style of yoga ? Can I add this to my account? If so can I add this to my insurance?

If you have completed a physical course in another type of yoga i.e. not an online course, you can add this to your YAP profile in a few ways.

- As a specialisation, this is used as a search criteria on our website, so we recommend you keep this as as up to date as possible.

- As an additional training.

- In your biography.

Please keep a note of all additional training you complete as we can consider these if you upgrade your membership level.


The master insurance policy will cover members to teach as per the training they have received. If you have completed a physical training course (not on-line) in any type of yoga and go on to teach you will be insured. Please keep a copy of your certificate in a safe place, in the event of a claim you will be required to send copies of all training certificates to Balens.


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