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Are you a flourishing author in the world of yoga and related therapies?

If so, then why not publish your writing as articles on your profile for others to read. It will get you more exposure, as the newest articles appear on the home page of our website.

Please watch the video below to learn how to do this, do not forget to add a photograph to your article!

We love to hear what you are up to; we may publish research based articles as blogs on our website and social media. If you have written something which you think we can use this, drop us an email. 


Members Magazine

You may or may not know about our members' magazine Amrita. This is written for our members and the majority of the articles come from our members. We strive to put together a quality magazine which is aimed at Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios. It is published annually, usually around October time. We have copies available in print and on-line. We are always looking out for interesting articles for future editions of this. You can submit anything you would like to be considered via email.


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