What are Leads?



Members of the public can contact you via your profile - which our system calls Leads.

These can bring you new students or questions from prospective students. We have even reunited old friends and colleagues with these! 

In order to prevent you getting spammed, sign of the times, we approve all leads which come through our website and will send these on to you.

In order for you to receive these and not miss out on potentially valuable new business please check your profile frequently. Any new leads will show up on your dashboard under Notifications. The below image, highlights that our member has two notifications. Click on this to view your messages. 

You will be sent an email notification to the address we have on file but you will still need to access your profile in order to 'accept' or 'decline' the lead. Please be aware that legitimate  business leads will be distributed, if you do not accept a lead within 14 days to ensure that this business is not lost.

You will receive the lead's contact details and message and can reply yourself to this.




Remember to make your profile stand out to potential new students, keep it up to date and make it stand out with photographs, articles, videos, reviews!

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