Reviews - Everything you need to know

You will already be aware that members of the public can leave reviews on your public profile and that you can ask people to review by using the link on your review page. The reasoning behind this feature is to raise standards, empowering teachers to improve by receiving helpful feedback on their courses/classes.

Any time anyone submits a review on your page you will receive a notification email.

A fantastic new addition to this feature is the ability to reply to reviews. This will give you an opportunity to read the review left for your classes/course, and reply publicly to the person that left the review. 

This is an excellent way to thank your student for taking the time to leave a shoutout or defend your point of view if it was a negative review, although hopefully you won’t need to.


Please follow these instructions to reply to a review:


1 You must login to your member dashboard and click on "Notifications" 

2 You must click on “Manage Reviews". 

3 You will be able to scroll through all of the reviews left on your profile, and reply to each one individually.

4 Enter the reply in the "Write Public Reply To This Review" box and click on "Save Reply Now". 

5 You will be notified that your reply has been saved

6 The reply will instantly be visible on the front end of the website. 





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