Therapies Insurance Policy FAQ’s

The insurance policy I have to cover my therapies is now being administered by Balens Ltd. What do I need to Do?

This change will not affect your current membership or insurance policy and you need do nothing at this stage. The change will come into effect when your membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals is due for renewal.

What’s changed?

In terms of the insurance, the policy cover will remain the same. However, you will be issued an individual insurance certificate by Balens that will show your name and address details and can also list the activities/therapies you are insured to practice. A certificate of Insurance for your existing Therapies policy will be issued by email from Balens Ltd on 3rd October 2018.

This will be in addition to your existing Yoga & Meditation policy that is part of your YAP membership.

I haven’t been Issued my new certificate

Your new therapies certificate will be issued by Balens and sent to you via email on the 3rd of October, please be sure to check your junk/spam folder as, sometimes, emails can be directed there. If you haven’t received your new certificate by the  4th October please contact Balens at, or by calling 01684 581887.

If you would like to be re-sent your Yoga and Meditation policy, please contact Yoga Alliance Professionals by email at

What if my contact details change?

Please contact Balens by email, or by calling 01684 581887

How do I renew my insurance ?

Your YAP membership and Yoga & Meditation insurance will still automatically renew on your renewal date. 

As the Therapies policy is no longer included in the annual fee you pay to YAP, your renewal terms and fee for the therapies policy will be confirmed to you in your renewal invitation sent by Balens (the therapies insurance policy will not automatically renew). Please note, renewal options will be conditional on you renewing your membership through Yoga Alliance Professionals.

How much will my renewal be?

The renewal fee for both your YAP membership and additional therapies policy, due to Balens, will be detailed in your email.

How do I add additional Qualifications to my policy?

Please contact Balens by email, or by calling 01684 581887 to add further qualifications to your existing therapies policy 

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